The Dishonest Media

I have a confession to make.  I love following  politics.  I have another confession to make.  I get infuriated when seeing media stories that are simply false.  The recent fighting between the Palestinians and Israelis have yielded many examples of incredibly poor reporting.  This seems to be particularly true when the media has reported on Israel.

Imagine a person getting injured in an attack…and suddenly being just fine a few seconds later.  This should probably indicate to you that the footage was staged for the camera.  Any professional news service would not fall for this, right?  Actually both the BBC and CNN fell for the faked injury.

Here is a link to the BBC failure with the key points to look for:

This link has CNN’s half-hearted apology for the same video.  Anderson Cooper of CNN blamed Reuters news service for the error.

CBS made an equally embarrassing error.  In the 7th paragraph of the article below, CBS states “At least half of the Palestinians killed in the conflict so far have been civilians.”  However, in the 13th paragraph of the same article is says, “In all, 40 Palestinians including 13 civilians and three Israeli civilians have been killed since the Israeli operation began.”  Unless the universal principles of mathematics have changed, 13 is less than half of 40.  CBS cannot get their numbers straight within one article.

CNN, BBC and CBS are major media outlets that influence world opinion.  Is it too much to ask for accuracy in their reporting?  Am I alone in my anger at poor media reporting?  What needs to change to improve their behavior?