Plan B, Implement the Blame Game

Leaders take responsibility, while losers like to blame.   That’s the simplest rule of leadership, and everyone knows it.

So it’s alarming that reports are coming out now that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is publicly taking responsibility for the attacks on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.  Irregardless of your political affiliation, it’s hard to support someone in office who spends more time blaming others.  Say what you will, Ms. Clinton seems more presidential at this point than President Obama.  One has to wonder how women voters feel about Ms. Clinton taking the bullet for the president.

Yes, the Secretary of State runs her department, but ultimately she serves at the pleasure of the President.  The CEO of a corporation can’t blame the vice-president in charge of quality control for a bad batch of medicine slipping through Quality Control, he has to accept the responsibility of his company’s failure.  Ultimately, the President’s failure to accept the failure, and instead opting to allow a member of his administration, one of the few female cabinet members, to become a scapegoat, is going to resonate with voters.

Perhaps it’s due to his plummeting poll numbers, President Obama and his supporters appear to be panicking, with much riding on tonight’s second presidential debate.  Obama has to stop the bleeding, although it has been like pulling teeth to get Obama or his campaign team to admit did poorly in the first presidential debate.  His campaign still claims that the President’s poor performance didn’t affect polling, and now they are echoing the Romney camp in claiming polls are inaccurate.

Of course, irregardless of the poll numbers, it’s not the popular vote that will determine who wins, but rather the electoral vote.   This was never more true than during the George W. Bush and Al Gore election in 2000, when Bush edged out Gore in electoral votes to win the election, but lost the popular vote.  And that could happen again.  With Romney climbing in the rankings, is this decision to defer blame going to further make the President lose in the opinion polls?