Importance Science = Back Page?

Right now is the most exciting time in the history of the world for advancements in science.  Let me say that one more time-Right now is the most exciting time in the history of the world for advancements in science.

But from a quick perusal of the front page of almost any newspaper or news magazine you would think that nothing is going on.  Science rarely makes front page news, despite the amazing discoveries every day.  The ground-breaking current scientific research would make Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein’s minds spin yet the lastest break-up of a Hollywood star is judged far more “newsworthy.”  Surely, politicians can complain that the latest government actions are also stuck behind the dating lives of stars.  However, politics has not changed much in the last few decades.  On the other hand, science clearly has grown by leaps and bounds in both quality and quantity of findings.  Let me give a few examples of recent scientific breakthroughs in medicine:

American researchers may have found a cure for leukemia:

A Swedish doctor created a new windpipe made from stem cells and successfully transplanted it into a cancer patient:

Israeli scientists successfully tested an artificial pancreas with children who have diabetes:

American doctors were able to create new functioning liver cells from blood and skin cells to treat cirhossis:

Each of the aforementioned findings represent mind-blowing progress that was previously in the realm of science fiction, yet most people have probably never heard of even one of those findings.  Can science attract the hearts and minds of the press or will the most exciting time in the history of  science be ignored?