Is Asylum Moral?

The current battles between Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria and the Syrian opposition protesters has been one of the top news stories in recent weeks.   It is believed that over 2,000 people have been killed in fighting as Assad attempts to keep power.

However, I want to bring in a piece of information from this saga that has gotten far less coverage.  According to El Pais (via Bloomberg News), Spain was prepared in July to offer Assad asylum as a way of ending the violence.  According to the story (2nd to last paragraph), “Spain sent a secret mission to Syria in July in an attempt to help end the violence and is prepared to offer asylum to Assad and his family, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported yesterday, citing unidentified diplomats.”
(Source:  Bloomberg News

Similarly, there are reports that Libya’s blood leader, Muammar Gaddafi, may also be ready to seek asylum.  Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (via MEMRI) reported that there are planes ready to take Gaddafi to Venezuela as long as several of his conditions are met, such as NATO troops pulling out of Libya.  Like Assad, Gaddafi has thousands of deaths on his hands and he has been tied to supporting terrorists throughout the world.
(Source:  MEMRI Blog

So here is where I struggle with this.  On one hand, I understand that asylum allows for a quick and relatively painless end to violence.  On the other hand, it also guarantees that these two deadly leaders will never have to face justice for their crimes.  They will get to live happily ever after, likely in a life of luxury funded from money stolen from their own people.  I think most people want an end to the current murderous fighting but should Gaddafi and Assad be like the multitude of Nazis who evaded prosecution by escaping to foreign countries? Do the people of Libya and Syria deserve a chance to bring these men to trial or should they just be thankful that the fighting is over?

Further, what does this say about Venezuela and Spain?  Should we consider these countries morally admirable for their willingness to help or morally reprehensible for their willingness to protect known killers?

What do you think?  Talk back and give your opinion!