London Olympic Terrorism

As we near the start of the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London, there are many questions about whether terrorists will use this opportunity to attack.  It was 40 years ago that the first terrorist attack occurred at the Olympics, when Israeli athletes and coaches were murdered by the Palestinian Black September terrorists.  What is the chance that terrorists will strike again?

The British government certainly believes that there is a reasonable chance for terrorists to attack at the Olympics.  The head of MI-5, Britain’s intelligence agency, believes that the threat is quite real.

To ensure safetyy, there will be up to 40,000 members of the force protecting the Olympics, including 500 American agents.

Moreover, the British have put missiles throughout London to protect against attacks, including on the roof of a residential building.

But is this all just blind fear created by overly sensitive tendencies?  Perhaps not.  After all, the United Kingdom produced both Richard Reid (the Shoe Bomber) and Umar Farouk Abdulmatallab (the Underwear Bomber),
both of whom tried to destroy airplanes filled with passengers.

More disturbing are recent terror arrests in London.   Just today British authorities charged three of  its own citizens for planning terrorism.

Further, London police recently arrested a computer design expert who is accused of helping Al Qaeda recruit Western terrorists.

Though we all hope that there will be no terrorism in the upcoming Summer Olympics, unfortunately we must acknowledge that the threat is real.

Lastly, I would like all the readers of this post to take a minute to remember the victims of terrorism at the 1972 Olympic games.  Here is their story, with names and pictures of the victims: