The Real NFL Controversy

Throughout this offseason, the NFL has been filled with controversy.  Where will Peyton Manning go?  Can Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez survive in the same offense?  And what can be bigger than the Saints’ payout of players to hurt opponents?  But there is one controversy that has slid under most radars yet far outweighs all of the other controversies combined.

As we speak, the NFL  is being sued by more than 1000  former players and their families for misleading the players about the long-term brain damage due to concussions.  That is correct, more than 1000 players, including Hall of Famer Randy White and Super Bowl winner Mark Rypien, are suing the NFL.  When you think about how few people ever play in the NFL, the magnitude of these lawsuits are amazing.  Moreover, the potential financial loss for the NFL is enormous.  The NFL is not being sued over hangnails, but over brain injuries leading to lifelong problems.  The Saints “bountygate” centered over attempts to hurt others-the concussion lawsuits include Dave Duerson’s family’s accusations that his concussions led to his suicide.  The potential financial loss for the NFL is huge.

Here are a few articles about the lawsuits: